VIP Membership

VIP Membership offers users a much richer, deeper game and overall experience that includes:

• Access to "Missions" where users are able to solve problems, make predictions, form hypotheses and then test and report results!

• More levels of game play

• The ability to purchase land next to their friends

• Plant a garden

• Manage an ecosystem

• Protect a Tide Pool

• Build a pond with living creatures

• Raise a pet

• Special decorating and clothing purchases

• Access to personal Journal where the user can draw or write about their experiences on Missions, and upload pictures!

• Earn Patches


Welcome to, an innovative, new online virtual world that brings together the rich characters and learning from The Zula Patrol - a 2008 Parents Choice Award Winning TV series. has a highly refined learning-through-play system where children, parents and teachers will have fun and exploring science and math topics through activities and missions all designed to help promote the development of critical thinking skills. ZulaWorld empowers the user by stimulating inquiry, promoting discovery and inspiring imagination. Science and math principles are reinforced directly through game missions so parents and teachers will appreciate that ZulaWorld is more than an entertainment service. No other game service offers this unique combination of games, learning, and community. ZulaWorld has been built around proven concepts of protecting children in online environments while still allowing for the richness of social and multiplayer interaction.

Every player gets a personal and customizable alien avatar and spaceship from the world of Zula. Children can group together and travel with their spaceships on missions to explore and learn about the world around them. No other online children's game service has the level of team activity combined with a science and math learning program.

Something for Everyone

Kids, parents and teachers meet to play and learn together with The Zula Patrol.

For kids, ZulaWorld has the built-in appeal of outer space, aliens and space ships. The competition of games along with being able to meet and chat with friends will keep kids coming back for more. ZulaWorld provides a wide variety of customization options of individual avatars.

For parents, offers the chance to participate together with their children to help them complete their challenging games and missions and get to see first hand that the game content clearly provides learning opportunities. Scientific principles are reinforced directly through game missions so parents will appreciate that ZulaWorld is not just an entertainment service.

For teachers, Zula provides a "technology component" to their classroom activities that has a host of game activities tightly integrated with a scientific learning curriculum. Teachers are provided the ability to customize their lessons, missions and rewards thereby providing a great addition to their toolkit of teaching materials.